Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is an act of surgery that aims to improve, correct or modify part of the anatomy. It differs from cosmetic medicine which does not involve surgery, it’s a non-surgical procedure.

If cosmetic surgery is an engaging act, it is above all a personal, thoughtful and motivated decision. This is why we strive to always listen to and support our patients in their choices. Thus, the first consultation of cosmetic surgery is for us a first essential step to discuss your project.

Cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medicine in Switzerland ?

Cosmetic surgery involves surgical procedures. Thus, the type of operation depends on your need.

Dont’t hesitate to discovers the whole cosmetic facial surgeries, breast or body.

Aesthetic medicine is simply made in the médical office. This non-surgical treatments are simple, quick and efficient et allows to treat for exemple:


Plastic surgery pricing in Switzerland ?

It is very difficult to answer this question. Prices vary from operation to operation and the choices you will make.

A first telephone call will allow us to refine your request, and be able to give you a first estimate of price for your surgery.

At the end of your first consultation, we will give you a quote, and the price will be definitively fixed for the rest of your care.

The cost of a cosmetic surgery procedure varies depending on the type of operation. Discover pricing of our surgery and aesthetic medicine.


How does a cosmetic surgery procedure take place ?

The first consultation allows you to listen, understand and refine your project.

We can then choose, together, the made to mesure therapeutic project.

For some surgeries, it will be possible to perform 3D simulations allowing you to project yourself concretely after the operation.

You then leave the consultation with a detailed cosmetic surgery project, a personal quote and all of the next steps.

Once the intervention date has been scheduled, we will receive you at the clinic in Switzerland.

Anyway, a plastic surgery procedure must respect your pace, your needs and your questions. This is why we want to take the necessary time and answer all of your questions so that you are completely comfortable with YOUR project.