I receive you in consultation at La Clinique du Lac in Geneva and Entourage Clinic in Lausanne for any type of surgery or aesthetic medicine.


About the plastic surgery consultation

A plastic surgery consultations can last between 45 minutes and an hour and break up in several stages. The first step will help me to understand your project, provide a comprehensive clinical examination. This will help us to consider the solutions in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery that could best meet your expectations. Then I will take the time to explain the terms of the therapeutic project, the expected results, and answer all your questions. After this initial exchange, you will leave with a detailed invoice and a comprehensive documentation. Finally, we can consider meeting again in order to refine your project or exchange by mail or phone if you need to.


My advice before a medical consultation or a cosmetic surgical procedure:

– Check-in without any makeup on.

– Take some photographs with you picturing you younger.

– Write your questions in advance.

– Take someone with you if you like.