Pricing and cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery

The cost of cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medicine is very often a determining factor in choosing the right plastic surgeon.

Pricing plastic surgery are variable. They depend on the surgeon, the number of pre-operative appointments, the complexity of the surgery, the fees of the other parties involved in the operation (anesthesiologist, operating aid, etc.) and the costs of hospitalization and operating room. .

In short, you will always need to request a detailed and complete quote before any plastic surgery procedure or aesthetic medicine procedure. A good plastic surgeon will know how to accompany you, guide you and explain to you the cost of his intervention.


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Pricing plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

Each intervention is unique, that’s why it is difficult to establish “cost packages” valid for sure.

Our prices are given for information only and are not contractual. Only the estimate established during the first appointment with Dr Bayol, plastic surgeon, will be valid in relation to your need, your problem and your project.

The cost of the first plastic surgery consultation is from 140 CHF, second preoperative consultation is free, and postoperative consultations are included in surgical fees during one year after the surgery.

Prices indicated below include all the costs related to the operation :

  • Fees
  • Hospital cost
  • Implants or equipments
  • Follow-up

Cost and pricing for facial cosmetic surgery

There are several types of facial plastic surgery procedures.

Here some examples of pricing for :

Cost and pricing for breast cosmetic surgery

Breast plastic surgery procedures can be various. The cost for this interventions is variable depending on the type of surgery :

Cost and pricing for body cosmetic surgery

There are several types of body plastic surgery and body contouring procedures. Prices depend of the surgery and the area to treat :

  • Pricing liposuction : from 4 000 CHF
  • Pricing abdominoplasty or tummy tuck : from 9 500 CHF
  • Buttock :
    • Pricing buttock implants : from 8 000 CHF
    • Pricing buttock fat grafting or brazilian butt lift : from 9 500 CHF
  • Pricing brachioplasty or arm lift : from 8 000 CHF
  • Pricing cruroplasty or thigh lift : from 9 500 CHF

Cost and pricing for intimate cosmetic surgery

Pricing for a female intimate surgery is :

  • Pricing nymphoplasty or hymenoplasty : from 4 000 CHF

Pricing for a male intimate surgery is :

  • Pricing penis fat grafting : from 5 500 CHF
  • Pricing penis fat grafting and penis lengthening : from 7 500 CHF





Cost and pricing for aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine doesn’t need hospitalisation, and interventions being “easier”, pricing for aesthetic medicine act are more accessible.

  • Pricing botox injection : from 390 CHF for one area
  • Pricing hyaluronic acid and fillers injections : from 490 CHF for one syringe
  • Pricing mesotherapy : from 250 CHF for one syringe
  • Pricing thread lift (face, neck) : from 2500 CHF
  • Pricing PRP injections :
    • one session : 590 CHF
    • 3 sessions : 1400 CHF
  • Pricing peelings :
    • superficial : 250 CHF for one session
    • Middle/deep peeling : 350 CHF for one session
  • Pricing LED therapy :
    • one session : 70 CHF
    • 5 sessions : 325 CHF
    • 10 sessions : 630 CHF
  •  Pricing cryolipolysis : from 750 CHF for one area

Cost and pricing for Hair Loss

Il existe 2 grandes catégories d’actes esthétique pour les cheveux.

There are two main categories of acts for the baldness treatment :

Cost and pricing for hair graft :

  • FUT : from 7 500 CHF
  • FUE : from 10 000 CHF

Cost and pricing for baldness medical treatments

  • Mesotherapy : 250 CHF for one syringe
  • PRP :
    • one session : 800 CHF
    • 3 sessions : 2 100 CHF (700 CHF / session)
  • LED therapy :
    • one session : 100 CHF
    • 5 sessions : 400 CHF
    • 10 sessions : 800 CHF


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